What We Do

We help our clients create a positive first impression when seeking employment.

Clients are referred to us by public agencies and charities such as Jobcentres Plus, the NHS, Crisis and London Probation when they have the offer of a job interview or work placement.

The first 30 seconds of an interview are crucial as employers make up their minds about potential candidates very quickly. Getting appearance and presentation right are vital to be seriously considered for the job.

We provide a welcoming, friendly environment where clients come in for a dressing session as well as some thoughtful advice, interview training and support.

When clients come in to be fitted, volunteers help them find a good quality suit that fits well and looks great. Clients and volunteers also work together to find the right accessories such as ties, cufflinks and shoes.

Our clients keep their suit and accessories. We can also assist when they get their new job by providing a few extras, such as shirts and ties, to support their working wardrobe.

Suited & Booted - What We Do
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