Client Stories

A recent client (July 2018) emailed to say:

‘Earlier today i visited Suited & Booted at London Wall. The staff were absolutely brilliant. And I left feeling like a new man. The gear I received is magnificent. I am actually sitting here admiring my new outfit/ensemble thinking to myself, wow! I’m a lucky boy. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those that have made this possible. And a very big special thank you & kudos to Andrew and the team. Who have their boots firmly on the ground and have everybody leaving their offices (tailors) with a massive smile on their face. Especially, me.’

John’s story:

‘My life was really chaotic, drugs, alcohol, addiction, theft, and homelessness. Inevitably this chaotic lifestyle led me to prison. During which time I studied, as well as having time to reflect on my future.’
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John N’s story:
‘Since discovering that I was afflicted with a hereditary life-long health complaint, my life has not always been easy, suffering from bouts of physical and mental health problems. Looking back, it has been both a terrifying and life-affirming time.’
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Our clients sometimes email us too or send letters.

Jonathan emailed to say:
‘I wish to express my sincere thanks & gratitude for your support.
YOU WENT THE EXTRA MILE & SUPPLIED ME WITH COATS, WAIST COATS/VESTS & TIES (which when I wear still turns heads & shoulders).
You also with COMPASSION, ENCOURAGEMENT & KINDNESS gave me a lot of support.’

Jonathan got the job he was going for with a charity that helps homeless people into accommodation.

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