VICE came to visit Suited & Booted, here’s what they found

VICE recently visited Suited & Booted, while there, a client called Max dropped in for his appointment. He was referred to us from Soldier’s Arts Academy which is a charity dedicated to helping serving and ex-serving military men. After serving for the British army in Kosovo, Max started to experience mental health problems that caused his life to derail. He became homeless, did a stint in prison and didn’t know where to look for help. “That military pride stops you from seeking support” he told VICE.

Max has since managed to turn his life around. A musician since childhood, he became involved in theatre through the Solder’s Arts Academy and has even started putting on Shakespeare productions in collaboration with The Globe. Now, he was in Suited & Booted to get himself fixed up ahead of an interview for full time work. “I don’t have many clothes which is why I was referred. It’s fantastic. Now, I want to volunteer here. I am fantastic at ironing and polishing. Before they give you a gun in the army, they give you an iron, teach you to sew and polish your boots.”

“The whole thing really changes their confidence.”

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Welcome to Suited & Booted.

Suited & Booted is a charity based in the City of London. Public agencies refer vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men to us, and we help them get into employment by providing suitable interview clothing donated by companies and professionals. We also offer our clients interview advice and mentoring. In our first year, we helped about 800 men for their job interview by providing them with a suit, shirt and tie, and accessories. There is a huge demand for our services, and now in our second year, we expect to help at least 1000 clients. At Suited & Booted, we recognise that wearing a great suit or smart clothing can be an empowering, transformative experience, giving the wearer the self-esteem and confidence necessary to succeed at job interview and into employment. Stepping into a new suit or outfit not only changes the way others see you, but also changes the way you see yourself. When you feel and look your best, you exude confidence and ability. Psychologist Dr Mair says: ‘Being well dressed can improve our self-confidence and what we wear affects how we are perceived by others. Therefore, wearing appropriate clothes, for example, a formal suit for an interview, builds our confidence and can make us appear more serious, conscientious and respectful.’ Dr Carolyn Mair, CPsychol, CSci, FHEA, AFBPsS, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.

S&B had a wonderful evening at the Charity Film Awards held at BAFTA on 15 March.

Over 375 charities entered the awards, which was whittled down by 65,000 members of the public and the judges. We are delighted to be Finalists.

Here they are with their Finalist Award. On  the right is Ben Tynegate who made the video with Dr Maria Lenn, Chief Executive and Angus Murray, Chair.

With our host, Sally Phillips

Lady Colin Campbell, Dr Maria Lenn and Ben Tynegate

With Lady Colin Campbell and her tiny handbag.
She let Maria hold it for the photo. 

Suited & Booted has moved

Our new address is

The Suited & Booted Centre Ltd.
111 Fleet St

City of London

Click here for a map

BBC News - 23rd May 2016

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We do not receive any government funding and are totally dependent on grants and donations for the work that we do. Our charity relies on volunteers for all aspects of our work. This keeps costs low and adds value to the generosity of funders and the service that our clients receive.

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Suited & Booted - Who We Are

Who We Are

Suited & Booted is a charity that helps vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men into employment by providing interview clothing and interview advice.

Suited & Booted - What We Do

Suited & Booted - What We Do

We help our clients create a positive first impression when seeking employment.

Clients are referred to us by public agencies and charities such as Jobcentres Plus, the NHS, Crisis and London Probation when they have the offer of a job interview or work placement.

Suited & Booted - Donations

Suited & Booted - Donations

We do not receive any government funding and are totally dependent on grants and donations for the work that we do. Our charity relies on volunteers for all aspects of our work.

Suited & Booted - Testimonials

Suited & Booted - Testimonials

The feedback we get from our clients and from the agencies confirms that what we do transforms the lives of the men we help by increasing their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Corporate Supporters and Funders

We are very grateful to our Corporate Supporters who help us by organising suit drives, [Wardrobe assistance,] providing volunteer interview-trainers and mentors, administrative support and generally assist our charity in so many ways. We thank them for their hard work, generosity of time and goodwill on our behalf. We are particularly grateful to the following:

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